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U R★full soundscape


U R★full soundscape


Plays as one continuous track.  

Lie down, close your eyes and retell yourself the story of Veronica, Ramona, Brandon and Tricky.



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  1. Fukc ti pu$
  2. What we Wanted
  3. Won't RunAway
  4. Swoop and Bend
  5. Sisters of the Heart
  6. Something Came Over Me
  7. I wrote a song
  8. Real
  9. Super Moon
  10. U R Supreme
  11. Find Me
  12. Run (intro)
  13. Art is Eternal Like Our Love
  14. Down
  15. Or I'm Gonna Lose U
  16. Interlude
  17. Run (Can U Hear Me?)
  18. Burn
  19. Weak
  20. Hesitation
  21. Make it So (We Got to Gotta Gotta Make it)
  22. Free
  23. Real (Everything Dies) 
  24. U R ★
  25. Can U Heart Me? (Curtain Call)

all tracks written, composed, performed by finkle      

© finkle factory 2017